Custom Wax Seals


We are pleased to have partnered with Minitoba to offer custom wax seal stampers to onelittlem customers!

Add a grand first impression to the outside of your fabulous invitation with a colorful seal that is as unique as you are!

There are 2 seal sizes available in 25mm and 30mm round. The complexity of your custom design may determine the size needed. If you’ve included wax sealing services with your invitation order, our assembly team will use the custom stamper to seal your invitations, then we will include the seal with your order to use as you please! Photo below is the 30mm size seal.

• Custom seal stamper design & production setup
• Metal seal stamper with wooden handle (shown below)

Custom wax seal stampers are available only as an add-on to an invitation order placed with us. If you have the means to prepare your own artwork, visit Minitoba’s shop on Etsy to order your own custom seal.

Look at all our pretty wax colors!

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