Don’t Get Lost in the Holiday Shuffle!

It’s November! The holiday season is here, pumpkin spice has taken over the universe, and soon families will gather to celebrate the many different holidays at the end of the year. Now’s a perfect time to send your wedding invitations, right? Maybe not. Let’s look.

There’s a LOT of Holiday Mail

Are you ready for a big number? 15,500,000,000. 15.5 billion. That’s how many pieces of holiday mail the US Postal Service estimated it handled in 2015. That number doesn’t include all of the regular mail or packages during that time, either. It’s hard to imagine how much mail that is! So, let’s try:

Let’s say all of the pieces of mail were Romance Managed (A thought that both excites and terrifies us a little, but we digress). It’s about 9 inches wide in its envelope. Laid end-to-end, 15.5 billion Romance Managed’s would go to the moon and back 4 and a half times! They’d go around the world over 88 times! That’s more than twice as many pieces of mail than there are people on the planet!

By the way, that’s just the USPS. Add in other countries celebrating traditional holidays during the same time, and the numbers only get bigger. There’s an almost unimaginable amount of cards and letters this time of year.

“But wait,” you say, “I’m only sending 100 invites to people I know, not the whole world!” True, but those 100 people are also getting overwhelmed by the wave of 15.5 billion cards covering their fridge, the inside of their front door, their pinboard, or their in-tray. Let’s just be honest, the thought of your invitation sharing space with candidates for the Awkward Family Photos hall of fame gives you a little shiver. That’s alright.

Make the Moment Yours

With all of those cards, you don’t want your invitations to be just another piece of paper. After all, this is your wedding invitation! You want your guests to open your invite with excitement, taking time to read your story, putting your invite and RSVP in a spot where they’ll see it and remember to respond. We don’t want to even imagine the worst case scenario: It remains unopened in a pile of holiday cards, unread, unappreciated, and, worst of all, un-RSVP’d.

No, you want your invitation to make a moment for your guests. You want a connection, a swell of emotion, and maybe a happy tear or two. So maybe it’s best to wait until that wave of holiday mail flows into recycling bins. It doesn’t have to be very long – in fact, if you have enough time before your ceremony, just a couple of weeks can make a huge difference.

But if you’re waiting to mail your printed invitations, how do you get the word out?

Make it Personal

Here’s a thought: What if you broke the big news in person? Every family and every tradition is a little different, but chances are you’re going to be in the same room with a bunch of people you love (and a few you tolerate). Imagine taking a moment to tell everyone about your wedding. Even if they already know you’re engaged, there’s still so much you can share with them about your vision for your celebration. You may not be big on public speaking, but if you’re going to be inviting all of these people anyway, why not stand up and dream a little?

It’s a chance to do in real life what we imagine your printed invites doing in 7 Tips for Great Invitations. It may not work for every couple and every family, but it could be a truly special memory if it’s the right fit for you. Just remember: It’s about inviting your family to share in your celebration, not an exercise in narcissism. Keep it the right length, and keep the focus on how much you love the people in that room. Talk about how you look forward to celebrating together. If you’re seeing those happy tears, you’re doing it right.

Of course, it’s no substitute for a beautiful, professionally designed and printed invitation. Nothing is. But it’s a nice option to help you avoid being lost in the holiday shuffle and create a moment of your own. Those guests will receive their gorgeous printed invitation in a few weeks. When they do, they’ll have a sweet memory of you and your future spouse, your love for each other, and your love for them.

Ready to order your invitations? Find your design and start your project! We’re booking 2017 shipping dates, and they’re starting to fill up already. If you liked this blog, check out our free guide and the 90 Days of Wedding Wisdom series. And if this is the first time you’ve visited us, find out what makes us different!


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