There are many stamp design options available at to U.S. customers only. We also offer custom stamps that may be created to match your unique design. Postage value needed for your envelopes will be noted in your quote.

If some of your guests are out of the country, you cannot use your country’s stamp for their RSVP card. They will need to use their own postage or have the option to RSVP by email. If full assembly is included (which requires that you include RSVP stamps if applicable) the RSVP will be left blank for out-of-country guests to stamp themselves.

Greater value is needed for invitations mailed to out-of-country guests and may be calculated into your quote as needed, or they can be left out of the total stamp quantity ordered so you can take those invitations to the post office to check what value is required per country.

All standard RSVP postcards require a .34 stamp. All standard RSVP cards with envelopes require a .47 stamp.

$0.34 (Post Card)
$0.47 (1st Class 1oz)
$0.68 (1st Class 1oz Odd, or 2oz)
$0.89 (1st Class 2oz Odd, or 3oz)
$0.94 (1st Class Large Envelope, 1 oz)
$1.10 (1st Class 3oz Odd)
$1.15 (1st Class Large Envelope, 2 oz)
$1.36 (1st Class Large Envelope, 3 oz)
$1.57 (1st Class 4oz)
$1.78 (1st Class Large Envelope, 5 oz)
$1.99 (1st Class Large Envelope, 6 oz)

International customers must purchase their own postage stamps. International customers including full assembly may send us stamps, or will receive un-stamped RSVP cards or envelopes with the order. Guests will need to put a stamp on their own RSVP in this case.