DIY Doesn’t Mean Go It Alone!

There’s nothing like working on a DIY project. . . when it works, anyway. We’ve all experienced the Pinterest fail – the adorable Cookie Monster cake looks more like a blue Jabba the Hutt, the Mason jar chandelier becomes a flying moonshine buffet, and our artisinal hand-woven flower baskets burst apart into so much straw and regret.

DIY is hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

What separates the Perfect Project from the failures? The baker instinctively knows the right technique for mixing the ingredients, the weaver instinctively feels the tension of the straw in their fingers. Their years of experience guarantee a photo-perfect, Pin-able favorite magnet. They combine a knowledge of the process with the experience to avoid the “Gotcha’s!” that can turn DIY into OMG.

(The Mason jar chandelier, on the other hand, was a mistake to begin with.)

But what if there was a different way to do DIY? What if you could use the knowledge and experience of the baker, the weaver, or, say, the designer combined with your personal flair to create something uniquely yours?

What if we created a different kind of DIY?

Yeah, we agree. That would be pretty neat.

See, we believe that DIY doesn’t have to mean “Go it alone.” We believe that we can combine our knowledge of paper, ink, and printing artistry with your particular style. We believe that your invitations and other paper creations should reflect You in every detail.

Ever wonder what makes paper feel “cheap” in your hands? We know. And we can help you avoid the #1 problem with DIY invitations: The “I Printed It Myself!” feel. Things like fuzzy printing, layouts that look “off”, cards that are bent into a curve, cuts that aren’t quite straight – they send a message, and we don’t think it’s one you want your guests to hear.

Imagine if those same invites were laid out by a designer with over a decade of experience, professionally printed and cut, matched to the perfect envelopes, and delivered to your door ready for assembly with your personal flair. That’s a different kind of DIY. The kind that doesn’t break the bank (or your heart!) with the results. The kind that gets compliments from your guests, and maybe even a few more RSVP’s!

So, if you’ve been looking at invitations and paper creations, wondering if you should just DIY it, talk to us first! Don’t go it alone: DIY is better when it’s done together!

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