Making Moments

It’s like time gently slows down, the noise around drops to a dull hum, and as emotion swells and tears begin to sparkle in the corner of the eye, this eternal truth is plainly, deeply understood: Some moments are magic.

We realized early on that we weren’t just creating printed materials for events – we had the opportunity to make moments. There’s a sense of calling there, that our customers are not interchangeable and our invitations are not “widgets”. Even for the simplest changes to the least complex design, we wanted to hear about brides holding back joyful tears as they opened the box.

So, how do you make a moment? How is a simple (or not-so-simple) card transformed into something that evokes such emotion?

It’s surprisingly uncomplicated: We listen.

We understand that your invitations are more than a collection of names, dates, and places with the occasional illustrated flourish. Each one of those details represents an important part of you and your future spouse’s lives, with stories, memories, and dreams wrapped up into every name, every place, every date. And in that, your invitation is more than the sum of its parts: it’s a tangible connection between the threads of your stories and your guests’.

Early in the process, we want to learn about your story, whether it’s literally part of the invitation like the Daily Proposal and Romance Managed, or simply the background to your choice of layout and customizations. We believe there are no truly “stock” designs, because there are no truly “stock” couples. You’re not a cut-rate template, and we pay attention to the details that make you unique.

Imagine your guests having their own moment when they see your invitation. What if, instead of just informing, it was exciting? Remember, your invites send a message that goes beyond the printed word. It’s the little details that create the connection between you and your guests. That connection can make an invitation’s thousand-mile journey feel like it was delivered by hand.

Moments are made when we weave together memories, stories, and dreams into a unique item that reflects the ardent joy of celebrating two lives about to become one. It’s that moment we want you to feel when the box arrives at your home, when you open it, when you hold, for the first time, a tangible element of the day you will remember for the rest of your life.

It’s a small moment, perhaps, in a lifetime; but we believe it’s an important one. We don’t want to just create a product, we want to make a moment.

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