Simply Great Wedding Invitations

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could invite each of your guests in person? If you could sit down with them on their couch or at their kitchen table and, over a warm cup of coffee, share with them your excitement for your big day? What if you could see the joy in their eyes as you told them about this wonderful individual you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, and see their love for you reflected back?

Done right, great wedding invitations can stir those same emotions, crossing continents and defying time to give you the opportunity to speak to your guests through a personal, tangible creation. Simply great wedding invitations aren’t hard, but there are some things you need to remember:

A great invitation is your guest’s first impression.

Your invitations tell your guests how you envision your own event. They get a preview of what your event will be like by their interaction with the invitation. Much of it’s subconscious, though: What does the paper feel like? Is the printing clear? Are the cuts straight? Are the cards flat, or do they roll up? Is the spelling correct? How does the design reflect your personal style?

No, your guests aren’t trying to be armchair print experts, but the impression you make with the quality of your invitation speaks volumes. Whether it’s paper, print, and bindery; or design, wording, and color, it all comes together to set their expectations about your event. If it looks like you don’t care about your wedding, then why should they care about it? (Ouch!)

A great invitation shows that you respect your guests.

A well thought out, well put-together invitation shows that you care about your guests individually. The care you put into the piece comes through, and the impression they received above turns into a decision. No, you may not be able to personalize every single one with illustrations and inside jokes specific to each individual – but you can make definite choices about your invitation suite that communicate your love and respect for each of them.

Remember, the invitations are all about connecting you to your guests. Imagine yourself on that couch or sitting at that kitchen table. What would you say, and how would you say it? Don’t be shy, and don’t feel like you have to hide behind a trend. You’ve got an audience that’s in your corner, rooting for you. Make bold choices in your invitations and make that connection!

A great invitation says it your way!

Alright, we’ll say it: It’s your wedding, it’s okay for everything to revolve around you and your future spouse. Your wedding is a celebration of the unique way in which love is shared between the two of you. You deserve this special day in your life to, dare we day, spoil yourself a little. You deserve for your big day to uniquely and beautifully reflect the love that this celebration is all about. 

Your great wedding invitations should speak that message clearly. As we’re so fond of saying, you are not a template! Whether you’re recounting your love story, transporting them to a fantastical world, sending a piece of colorful nostalgia, or doing something totally new, your personal message can come through loud and clear.

A great invitation doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

Teaming up with an expert is a great way to save on time, money, and frustration. There are lots of choices and combinations of options for you to choose from that can help you keep costs low while maintaining a beautiful design. You’ve heard us say it before, but it’s so true: DIY doesn’t mean “Go It Alone!” We’re here to help you turn your dreams into a real, tangible part of your wedding day.

Our access to papers and printing methods combined with a decade plus of design and print experience mean we can help you avoid common problems and create invitation suites that send the right message. Best of all, it doesn’t have to break the bank! Sure, we can do really ornate and complex, but a well-designed 5×7 flat card carries a simple elegance all its own.

A great invitation is something special

When it all comes together – the design, the materials, the message, the emotion – your wedding invitations can be something truly special. Remember, we’re not in business to make invitations. We exist to help our customers make moments. And when all of the work is done, we want your guests to feel like you’re there, on their couch or at their kitchen table, personally asking them to share in the joy of the grandest day of your life.

Simply, great, wedding invitations.

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